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Shake 'N Go/Take Harga Borong

Shake N /GoTake Mini Fruit, Yogurt, Juice Ice Blender


Multi-functional mini blender
- Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes
- Blend and drink from the same bottle
- Blend ice with ease
- Convenient flip top straw
- Quick breakfast solution
- Doubles as takeaway cup
- Secure sports bottle flip top
- Cordless with dishwasher safe blending compartment
- Boost daily fruit and vegetable intake with personalised, healthy concoctions

- Motor Base:
- Wattage: 180w
- On/off power switch with safety interlock
- Weight: 684g
- Dimension: 5.5" (tall) x 4" (diameter)
- Travel Bottle:
- Weight: 4.3oz (123g)
- Dimension: 9" (tall) x 2.5" (diameter)
- Maximum container volume: 16oz

Package includes:
2 bottles set
1x Blender
2x Sports Bottles
1x User Guide

MOQ = 1

MOQ = 6